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Adventures in Soap

on June 30, 2013

After reading up on the process, watching video instructions and gathering materials and equipment, the time has come to jump in. Soap making is a true art form. The recipes range from simple to complex. Environmental conditions will effect the outcome of the finial product. For my first attempt I decided to go with a kit, everything included ( no sense in setting myself if for failure right off the bat ). When the kit arrive I opened it and reviewed the contents

• silicon loaf mold
• quart jar of oil blend ( olive, coconut, palm)
• 2 – 2oz pkg. of Shea and mango butter blend
• a 2oz jar of lemongrass essential oil
• a 1 oz jar of tea tree oil
• a pre measured jar of lye for this recipe

Sounds like its all there, but wait I have to have water to dissolve the lye into how much water do I need? You know that packing list that comes in every box you should really check them for directions before you throw them away. As Murphy would have it when I go to check the trash can its the one time its been taken out without my having to hell hound the kids to do their chores. Guess I go on line and see if I can find the recipe where I purchased the kit.


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